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Boats - Ships - Subs - Ferries

Boat, Ferries, Ship, Submarine and Harbour Speaker Systems

For all types of water-craft, Visaton's range of water resistant speakers can also be used are harbour installations and shipyards. Also great for any areas subject to water or are expose to the weather.


Ceiling Speakers

Cabinet Housed Speakers


Re-Entrant Horn Speakers

Saltwater Resistant


Structure Borne Drivers


Visaton marine speakers suitable for wet and outdoor areas.


Leading German Loudspeaker specialist Visaton have know-how based on over 50 years experience in this specialist field. The broad product range and ability to develop products with complex public address requirements makes Visaton the ideal partner for your project.

Features & uses include:

  • Saltwater resistant fullrange systems.
  • Up to IP65 rating.
  • High temperature ratings on some models.
  • Inland vessels.
  • Sea going vessels.
  • Sailing boats.
  • Ferry-boats.
  • Cargo ships.
  • Barges.
  • Cruise ships.
  • Research vessels.
  • Cold climate ships.
  • Naval and defence vessels.
  • Suitable protection grilles available.

Always the right solution you can rely on Visaton for the most demanding requirements both on deck and indoors.

  • Clear voice reproduction for announcements warning of hazardous situations
  • Good playback quality for background music
  • Spectacular sound for entertainment applications
  • Water and salt-water proof to keep the elements at bay
  • Heat resistant for use in saunas or engine rooms.

Extremely dependable and efficient, the "Klippel" measuring method enables state-of-the-art, comprehensive production control to ensure the consistently high quality of Visaton products.


Read more about Vistaton Marine applications here.

For more details and suggestions for your special application, quantity pricing, certifications and more, please contact us.