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Lexus in Australia and New Zealand are specifying the high-end Mark Levinson sound system in many of their luxury cars. These provide one of the best factory fitted sound system in any vehicle, anywhere!

Lexus                    Mark Levinson logo - Madrigal Audio Laboratories.

The automobile environment is challenging to audio designers. Electrical and electromagnetic noise, confined spaces and limited speaker placement options are obvious engineering concerns. Add road noise, nearby reflective surfaces and cable routing restrictions to the list of complications, and it is easy to see why car audio systems are rarely known for offering true high fidelity. Mark Levinson designers, although tempted by the challenge, have never pursued development of an automotive system. Above all, their greatest concern has been road noise-until now.

Lexus SC430
Lexus SC430.

We are able to offer a replacement or exchange service for many of the Mark Levinson amplifiers. Speakers and radio untis are handled via Lexus directly. Please contact us for information.