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Specialised microphones for PA and all weather environments. Monacor desktop mikes for interior PA amplifiers and systems. ETS water proof microphones for outdoor, weather resistance and harsh environments. Certain models can even be immersed under water. Vandal resistant mike for security and public applications.

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Applications for the weather resistant / water proof microphones include:
Outdoor areas, boats, ships, trains, buses, tour coaches, railways, airports, fire trucks, ambulance, emergency vehicles, marine, railway stations, defence, military, loading docks, warehouses, entrance gates, dispatch, supermarkets, food areas, restaurants, outdoor displays, hospitals, conference areas, control centres, clubs, pubs, bars, front gates, remote access, control points, remote monitoring, asset protection, theft prevention, security, alarm systems, casino soft count rooms, booking rooms, interrogation rooms, police, prisons, sleep disorder centres, therapy labs, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, nanny cams, conference rooms, zoos, parking structures, elevators, stairwells, industrial process monitoring and many more...