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The crossovers for the Visaton speakers kits can be purchased separately and used with other projects or if you are buying the other parts individually.

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Crossover Clou
Crossover Clou $163.00 per pair
Crossover Concorde Mk III
Crossover Concorde Mk III $495.00 per pair - special order
Crossover Conga
Crossover Conga $560.00 per pair
Crossover Couplet
Crossover Couplet $173.00 per pair
Crossover Couplet Light
Crossover Couplet Light $155.00 per pair - special order
Crossover Experience V 20
Crossover Experience V 20 $255.00 per pair
Crossover Fiesta 25
Crossover Fiesta 25 $392.00 per pair
Crossover La Belle
Crossover La Belle $815.00 per pair - on backorder
Crossover MB 208-H
Crossover MB 208-H $71.00 each - special order
Crossover Nano Sub
Crossover Nano Sub $245.00 per set
Crossover NoBox 170
Crossover NoBox 170 $440.00 per pair
Crossover Pentaton BB
Crossover Pentaton BB $788.00 per pair
Crossover Quadro
Crossover Quadro $450.00 per pair
Crossover Quintett'
Crossover Quintett' $490.00 per pair
Crossover Quintett Light'
Crossover Quintett Light' $408.00 per pair
Crossover Solitude
Crossover Solitude $455.00 per pair
Crossover Solo 100
Crossover Solo 100 $114.00 per pair