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Digital Radio DAB

Digital Radio - What is it?

Digital radio or DAB+ works by turning sounds into digital signals for transmission. A Digital radio can decode them resulting in a close-to CD output. The standard used for digital radio in Australia is DAB+.

For many radio listeners over the years they first experienced AM radio then improvements came with FM now there is Digital Radio.

In Australia at this point most of the digital radios are in the metropolitan areas. If you want to check the map and your postcode click here: Can I get digital radio?

Benefits of Digital Radio:-

  • More stations to choose from as there is more bandwith
  • Clear reception, no fuzziness, static or interferance
  • Great sound quality
  • Program information, song and artist information
  • No subscription or contracts so once you have the radio with the capability you don't need to pay


  • You either have perfect reception or no reception.

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