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RetroSound Hidden Aerial AM FM

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    SKU: RetroSound-HPA1-Hidden-Antenna RetroSound Hidden Aerial AM FM

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    Brand: Retro Manufacturing
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    Amplified Electronic AM / FM Hide Away Antenna - Model RetroSound HPA1

    Designed for optimum AM / FM reception where a normal telescopic aerial cannot be fitted. Excellent solution for classic cars, vintage, restorations, hot-rods, trucks, show cars or any vehicle where a conventional antenna is not desirable. Saves bent masts and damaged aerials.

    The Retro Antenna HPA-1 is easily installed using a standard antenna plug and your radio's power antenna wire. This antenna uses magnetic field circuitry for enhanced radio reception. It can be installed almost anywhere thanks to the supplied 105-inch (266 cm) antenna lead and power wire. With self-adhesive backing, it can be mounted onto glass or mounted under the dash (avoid dashes that have metal in them), in seats for convertibles or any place that avoids metal shielding. Try different locations before fixing to find the best spot for reception.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Multiple mounting options can be installed almost anywhere.
    • No drilling required (radio must be grounded properly)
    • Requires 12V power (usually available at the back of the radio / remote output or use ignition)
    • 266.7cm (105 inch ) power and aerial coaxial cable (approx.)
    • Box size: 97 x 23 x 22 mm (approx. without protrusions)