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Mundorf Silver Solder with Gold

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    SKU: MU-Silver-Gold-Solder Mundorf Silver Solder with Gold

    $15.00 each roll
    Brand: Mundorf
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    Mundorf MSolder Silver with Gold Solder

    MSolder Silver with Gold boosts the advantages of silver solder by adding a trace of the purest gold which also lowers the melting point and ensures the outstanding sound properties of components. Mundorf use the highest purity metals to form the solder alloy.


    • Low odour
    • Optimum processing temperature
    • Copper compatible
    • Gentle on components
    • User and environmental friendly
    • Time saving
    • 10 gram = 1.7m long (approx.)
    • 100 gram = 17m long (approx.)

    Technical Specifications:

    • 1.00 mm diameter
    • Composition:
      • Sn: 95.5% (Tin)
      • Cu: 0.7% (Copper)
      • Ag: 3.8% with trace of Au (Silver plus Gold trace)
    • Melting point: 217°C / 422°F
    • Amine, diamine, urea and lead free
    • Special NO-CLEAN liquid 2.5% liquid content (Type 2.2.3 B - DIN EN 29 454.1)
    • Purity of silver: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99%
    • Purity of gold: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99%

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