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Mundorf 3.9uF 450V EVO Oil Capacitor

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    SKU: MU-EVO-Oil-3u9-450V Mundorf 3.9uF 450V EVO Oil Capacitor

    $28.00 each
    Size Approx: 25 x 27 mm approx.
    Tolerance: ±3%
    Brand: Mundorf
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    Mundorf M-CAP EVO Oil are metallised polypropylene film capacitors based on the innovative EVOLUTION winding technology and offers further developed dynamics over the standard MCAP EVO. Its main feature is its unusually narrow and high capacitor winding. This geometry produces two acoustically perceptible advantages compared to traditional, easier-to-manufacture MKPs. One advantage is that the shortest, low-loss signal routes as well as particularly large contact surfaces are ensured and thus extremely low residual resistance (ESR); the other advantage is that an extremely large number of windings are parallel-connected, minimising inductivity (ESL). In addition, they are moulded by hand according to the highly precise winding process in specially developed, compact housings. This prevents the winding from vibrating and microphony effects on a sustained basis. In the sound pattern, all these special features are perceived through sound-quality liveliness, nuanced, transparent dynamics as well as outstanding authenticity and stereophony.

    Mundorf MCAP EVO Oil Capacitors

    These features are reflected in the music playback with colourful livelihood, remarkable micro dynamic alongside enhanced transparency, authenticity and stereophony. In addition, the MCap EVO Oil is characterised by low tolerances, compact dimensions, low costs and the highest standards of safety in use (self-healing). The asymmetrical leads make it possible to assemble it in a classic, horizontal style or vertical; the shorter lead also indicates the capacitor’s outer foil. Additional wrapping as well as the imprint in red-metallic impart an appropriate quality look and feel.

    Oil impregnation of metallised poly-propylene film capacitors in a vacuum is a particular speciality of Mundorf. In this process, even the smallest air bubbles are squeezed out of the capacitor winding and even the most subtle of hollow spaces are filled and softened with oil. Both electrical and mechanical losses in the capacitor due to vibration are thus reduced to a minimum. Mundorf oil capacitors are characterised by their extremely sophisticated and highly dynamic detail and are superior to their respective dry counterpart in presence, speed and precision.


    • Dielectric: Polypropylene
    • Metallisation: Aluminium
    • Loss factor tan ∂: 0.0002 @ 1kHz; 0.0001 @ 10kHz
    • Permissible ambient temperature 85°C / 185°F
    • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
    • REACH compliant


    Mundorf M-Cap EVO Oil capacitor dimensions, see size details above.
    Mundorf M-Cap EVO Oil capacitor dimensions, see size details above.