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82uF 50VDC Mundorf Bipolar Audio Cap

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    SKU: MU-ECAP50-82u-35V 82uF 50VDC Mundorf Bipolar Audio Cap

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    82uF 50VDC / 35VAC Mundorf Bipolar Audio Cap - BG35 - Size: 30 x 50 ( Ø x L mm) - wire Ø: 0.8mm

    Mundorf Bipolar MLytic Capacitors

    Mundorf Bipolar Electrolytic capacitors are perfect for where film capacitors would be too large or cost considerations come into account. They are also used for series resonant / Zobel circuits and impedance linearisation. For these bipolar electrolytic capacitors, a distinction is made between two construction types, "rough" - BR and "smooth" - BG. In the rough BR versions the foil is etched in order to increase the surface area of the foil. Since the capacitance of a capacitor is proportional to the surface area, larger capacitances can be achieved in this way with the same material costs. The construction size of "rough" BR electrolytic capacitors, therefore is in effect smaller. The BG are the "smooth" foil types generally are used for the smaller values.