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Mercedes Benz Repairs

Mercedes-Benz Audio Systems

We can service and repair many of the Becker and other brands fitted standard into Mercedes-Benz. Please consult your dealer for any warranty issues. Becker and others such as Alpine, Bosch and Bose have been used in Mercedes for many years and a huge range of models have been fitted. We are able to repair and service virtually all the Becker models and many of the other brands as well. Please contact us for more information. Also check the links on the left for more services especially the navigation section. Combined our two technicians have over 40 years experience with Mercedes Benz and other prestige car audio systems so you can be confident of the quality of our workmanship.

Some examples of the units we service:

Mercedes-Benz Audio 10 cassette tuner.(Example: BE-3101, BE-3200)
Mercedes-Benz Audio 10 cassette tuner. (Example: BE3101, BE3200)


Mercedes-Benz Audio 30 cassette tuner. (Example: BE-3308, BE-3318)
Mercedes-Benz Audio 30 cassette tuner. (Example: BE3308, BE3318)


Mercedes-Benz Audio 10 CD tuner. (Example: BE-4410, BE-6021)
Mercedes-Benz Audio 10 CD tuner. (Example: BE4410, BE6021)


Mercedes-Benz CD Changer AL-3010 / MC-3010.
Mercedes-Benz CD Changer AL3010 / MC3010.


Mercedes-Benz CD Changer AL-3198 / MC-3198.
Mercedes-Benz CD Changer AL3198 / MC3198.

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