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Capacitors - Electrolytic

Capacitors are one of the most destructive electronic components to sound quality. This is why it is very important to have the best to help stop the sound degradation and bring your projects or upgraded equipment to life! We supply a range of different types, suited for different applications and uses.

Mundorf M-Lytic Audio Power Capacitors

Mundorf Audio Grade Power Capacitors

With the M-Lytic Audio Grade series Mundorf are extending their range of products to a series especially developed for applications within pre-amplifiers, source units or small power amplifiers. Throughout their development, importance was placed upon attaining low ESR and ESL values, as well as a low resulting detrimental effects on the sound..

Mundorf M-Lytic High Current Power Supply Capacitors

Mundorf M-Lytic High Current Capacitors - click for more...

The Mundorf M-Lytic HC are true high-end electrolytic capacitors. A patented method for internal contacting enables the realisation of a very low ESR (equivalent series resistance) and the most marginal residual inductivity. Due to these attributes these capacitors can supply extreme peak currents. They do this very quickly and thus form the basis for a dynamic, precise bass as well as a lively and clear middle / high tone range. Even with extreme bass impulses the playback remains stable and clean, without any compression effects whatsoever.

Mundorf M-Lytic High Voltage Capacitors

Mundorf MLytic High Voltage Capacitors - click for more...

The Mundorf MLytic HV (High Voltage) electrolytic capacitors have been developed from the latest materials and use the most modern manufacturing techniques and are especially designed for the requirements of tube / valve amplifiers. Following many classic designs, these capacitors are offered as double capacity (dual) types. They are also very suitable for repairs and tuning / upgrading of existing amplifiers.

Visaton SAF Electrolytic Speaker Crossover Capacitors

Visaton SAF Electroltyic Capacitors - click for more.

Special Audio Frequency (SAF) true bipolar smooth-foil capacitors with 35 volts AC rating for a continuous power handling of 300 watts in 4 ohms or 150 watts in 8 ohms respectively. Low dissipation factor and high capacitance stability. Ideal for Zobel networks / impedance correction.